As a child I remember laying on the sofa and wondering what hidden worlds I’d find if I climbed between the cracks in the cushions. There was little else to do in rural Wisconsin except dream—and read. While many books shaped my childhood, The Hobbit made me fall for fantasy. As an adult Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom and Laini Taylor's Strange the Dreamer inspired me with sensory prose and strong female characters in search of  identity. These are the stories that grab me—stories of individual achievement wrapped in fantastical worlds and exquisite words.

I can't believe it's been 33 years since I immigrated to the UK from the US. A wonderful husband, two unique children and six stubborn miniature schnauzers later I'm still here, still in love and basking in delight that only comes with being retired and having a new laptop.
I've always been self employed whether that be as college lecturer, management trainer, international speaker (The Verbal Copywriter®), personal development coach or randomly the owner of a fitness centre and holiday rentals. Working for myself has definitely moulded my writing through a heady mixture of creative freedom, the need for self-discipline and the inspiration from meeting and working with extraordinary people around the world.

Currently Querying:
Faelond, is the story of 15-year-old Lily who enters a decaying faeryland where fae eat human souls.
Lily's story is a one of self-discovery and a realisation that we can choose what we believe about ourselves.

Currently Writing:
A futuristic YA based on the classic coming of age novel, A Separate Peace by John Kowles.

Thoughts, dreams and beliefs are what shape our lives—choose them wisely.